We are pleased to bring together two varieties of Grapes for sale, which are perfect for growing in the UK garden. Buy seedless grape vines online suitable for growing inside or outside. A lovely blue-black seedless grape that is extremely versatile. By using our site you agree to our cookies policy. Planted in 1768 it still produces about 600lbs of grapes each year. Grapes benefit from shelter, sunlight and warmth, so a greenhouse or south facing wall is ideal. Suitable for outdoor and protected growing. Displaying products from 1 to 30 of 30 Guidance sheet available. Thompson is listed as a top cultivar for seedless grapes. FREE Shipping. The date will be published in spring 2021. }; $152.00 $ 152. If you fancy growing kiwi fruits, try Kiwi 'Issai' which will produce bumper crops of juicy fruits. Option 3: 150-200cm tall. window.document.write("