English Ivy comes from Europe, North Africa and parts of Categories: Public notice Environment Southland will be carrying out weed control along the Bluff foreshore over the next two to three years, with the aim of eradicating German ivy. Synonyms. Date: 20 Dec 2019, 1:04 pm. Often first exotic vine to appear on bush edge and subsequently supports more aggressive or taller vine species (eg. Home; About/Support IDS; Subscriptions; Contact IDS; cape ivy nz It is most often found in waste areas, stream and river banks and beds, forests and plantations, roadsides and cliffs. Favorite Add to RESERVED for ZZ. Seeds spread by wind and in dumped vegetation and soil movement. These include Cape ivy and German ivy, both of which, although botanically different from common ivy, can safely be treated similarly from a control point of view. The biggest pest problems seem to be aphids and mealy bugs but this problem is not so pronounced when the plants are growing out doors. Cut stems below waist height, spray below this point (spring-summer to actively growing plants): glyphosate (10ml/L (knapsack) or 2L/100L (spraygun)) or metsulfuron-methyl 600g/kg (2g/10L (knapsack) or 20g/100L (spraygun)) or a product containing 100g picloram+300g triclopyr/L (60ml/10L) or a product containing 200g 2,4-D+100g dicamba/L (12ml/L) or dicamba 50g/L (24ml/L) or amitrole (150ml/15L (knapsack) or 2L/100L (spraygun)). What’s happening when, and how will I be informed? Summary: A twining perennial vine with slender green or purple stems, yellow flowers without petals held above the foliage and alternate triangular-lobed leaves with ear like stipules. New role established to make Southland predator free . Explore. Small, dry hard windborne one-seeded fruit. in NZ. It is often the first exotic vine to appear on bush edges, and will support more aggressive or taller vines such as Japanese honeysuckle and blue morning glory. From shop GardenGalsPlants. Phone: 0800 76 88 45 Email: service@es.govt.nz 220 North Road Waikiwi Invercargill 9810 Options: Spray (summer-autumn, before leaves become brittle) with Weed Weapon Extra Strength with Dye & Stick, or Rapid Action, ensuring complete coverage. Controlling them when they are small is easy and cheap. Distributes many wind-blown seeds long distances. Organic Garden Supplies. Lonicera, Ipomoea) as they invade. Gardens, roadsides, vacant land, and cemeteries are all sources of spread. Leave on site to rot down. Controlling them when they are small is easy and cheap. 2. All types of English ivy are climbing ivy plants … Leave on site to rot down. It can be used as a ground cover, but usually is grown as a vine-like creeper up walls and fences. Cut stump application: Cut and treat stems/stump with (100ml glyphosate/1L water) or (1g metsulfuron/1L water). Hand pull small plants, or dig out roots (all year round). Gardening. German Ivy Mile-a-minute because it grows so fast. Perennial climber. It is a problem in native plant reserves and cutover forest in the central North Island, Wellington, Nelson and elsewhere. Special disposal notes: Cut stems can layer and grow. How to Control: Hand pull small plants, or dig out roots (all year round). Land owners and occupiers, and other agencies, must adhere to regional rules and the requirements of the Biosecurity Act 1993. Jun 1, 2014 - Coleus garden with New Zealand impatience and a German ivy to climb up the mini-trellis. It may extend along the margins of bush, smothering shrubs and preventing native plants from regenerating. German ivy. German ivy Whai muri. 1. Weed control of German ivy along the Bluff foreshore. Asteraceae (Queensland, New South Wales, the ACT, Victoria, Tasmania, Western Australia and the Northern Territory) Compositae (South Australia) d