Powder Food Coloring for Cake Decorating - DaCool Oil Water Based Food Dye Baking Color Powdered 4.2 OZ, Upgraded Vibrant Edible Icing Cake Color Set for Baking Chocolate Candy Cookie Fondant Macaron. 1 coat Java Gel Stain applied over 1 coat Yellow Dye Stain, sealed with High Performance Topcoat satin Apply additional coats if darker color is desired. In addition,  their stability to high heat makes them a good match for lubricants, engine oil, automatic transmission fluid, and grease. Find great deals on eBay for powdered dye and powdered wood dye. A wide variety of oil based dyes powder options are available to you, such as form, usage, and type. C2019 - 01205 We stock the Chefmaster candy colours, Chromacake oil soluble powder food colours & Creative Cake oil based chocolate colours. Perfect for oil-based products, Chefmaster's® Candy Colors are formulated to bind easily with chocolate, candy, and compound coatings while retaining the unmatched vibrancy and consistency of the Liqua-Gel formula. Shop with confidence. But water based gel food colors can't be used on chocolate or candy. Melt a small amount of white chocolate and add a few shakes of the powder dye and mix. Melt 200g of White buttons; Add 1/4 teaspoon of Powder Colour and blend with a stick mixer until completely smooth. OrcoSolve™ dyes are used extensively in fuel, oil, lubricant, grease, wax, and plastics coloration applications. www.forestry-suppliers.com/product_pages/products.php?mi=1890 Click on the link below to say you are coming and receive a free gift! The Set of 8 includes 0.5 oz jars of Basic Dye powder. These dyes are also used to color lubricants in the automotive and industrial cutting industries. Soft Gel Paste .75 Ounce, Silver Spruce $ 2.25.75 oz Soft Gel Paste 70 Color Heavenly Seventy Kit , $ 135.00 Soft Gel Paste .75 Ounce, Electric Red $ 2.25 These highly-concentrated heat-stable colorants, available in liquid and powder form, are soluble in polar solvents and hydrocarbon-based oil and lubricants. It aids in coverage, especially for these types of leather, because it is alcohol based and has superior colorfastness. Often used as Soap Paints, where the color acts as a stain and sinks into the bar. Our powder food colors are both oil and water based whcih can used on chocolate candy cake cookies or any food. Actual dye samples must be evaluated in a laboratory on medium to be colored in production for accurate shade and physical property results. Dye fluoresces yellow-green under both ultraviolet and blue light. A few powdered dye stains are soluble in alcohol or oil. Log In | Cart 0 Products - $0.00 0. Colorants that are dye based can be used simply by reducing with the appropriate thinner. A wet coat of dye tends to spread out and level better so streaks show less. Fluorescent Leak Detection Dyes, Dyed Oils and Oils. To recover your password please fill in your email address, Please fill in below form to create an account with us. Advanced Search. Use multi folded cheese cloth for this operation. Bedroom furniture, client. The fluorescent OrcoSolve™ dyes are used for leak detection in engines and hydraulic systems, and oil/water path detection in oil-field applications. High Flash Point (HF) Liquid Dyes Powder Dyes Fluorescent Powder Dyes OrcoSolve™ dyes are used extensively in fuel, oil, lubricant, grease, and wax coloration applications. It is used in dying leather for bags, saddles or even for repairing wood stocks. But please I don’t know if my past comment was sent but please I need to know urgently if powdered food dye can be used in place of gel food dye. (RI & SC Locations). I am supposed to do some mirror glazing in two hours but I was only able to get powder food dye. Our hydraulic oil dyes are designed to help you manufacture your product by providing the following performance advantages: Perfect color selection providing the right color for your products. Varathane Premium Wood Stain penetrates up to twice as deep as competitive brands to reveal the beauty of natural wood grain. Reply. Can I use the “powder” colouring in a buttercream icing recipe? Dyes for candles are not powders. Fax: 401-434-2390, South Carolina Division Keep adding more powder until you get the desired colour. Our lot-to-lot consistency will facilitate you in managing your production cycle and bringing to market a premier lubricant. Our dyes are great for soaps, bath salts, bath bombs, body powders, and other water based or dry formulations. Like liquids, they vary from brand to brand; some penetrate deeper and color more intensely and others tend to sit more on the surface. Keep adding more powder until you get the desired colour. Learn. But keep in mind that during trace and initial curing stage in cold process, the lye is still active … please help me out. Our dyes and colorants can be specially blended for your water-based or oil paints, wood stains, or anodizing needs. Oil based powder dyes are used to colour white chocolate. EC Number 220-161-2. The water-based dye raises the wood grain, so sand away the fuzz with 320-grit abrasive. For gorgeous colored chocolate you can easily dye white chocolate to any color you wish. Colorants that are dye based can be used simply by reducing with the appropriate thinner. Contact us and a representative will get back to you shortly. Also see: How To Color Chocolate With Powder Colorants. Water-based Wood Dyes Water-based Wood Dyes are available in the same colour range as the spirit-based dyes, except for Rimu. What You Need To Know Before You Begin. Contact our technicians who will be happy to custom-formulate or direct you to the right colorant to meet your physical requirements. My Cart. Solvent dyes are used to color organic solvents, hydrocarbon fuels, waxes, lubricants, plastics, and other hydrocarbon-based nonpolar materials. Mixing and Applying Dyes Let's first talk about water based dyes. Accordingly, solvent dyes are often used in the automotive industry to color petrol fuel and other hydrocarbon based fuel oils. Professional strength concentrated candy coloring oil. Spread the concentrated color on paper or scrap wood until the color becomes even and about the intensity you want. 1 Crownmark Dr. Dye wood the color of your choice using a rainbow selection of dyes and pigments from Woodcraft’s finishing department. Water based dyes (as well as alcohol based dyes) are sold by weight. Water-Soluble Liquid colorants: Compatible in Melt & Pour Soap, CP Soap (review individual descriptions) Lotions, Creams, Shampoos, Hair Conditioner, Liquid Soaps, Super Concentrate, Bubble Bath, Bath Salts, Bath Fizzy Base, Moisturizing Body Spray, Clear Suspension Shower Gel, Alcohol-Based Hand Rub Gel, etc. Simply add a few shakes of powder to your melted white chocolate and mix. These highly-concentrated heat-stable colorants, available in liquid and powder form, are soluble in polar solvents and hydrocarbon-based oil and lubricants. This water/isopropyl alcohol soluble powder dye stain has the vibrancy of alcohol based dye, with the safety and light fastness of water based dyes. When mixed with water, the ones shown at left become (from left) lemon yellow, brilliant scarlet, bright green, pink, nigrosine black, dark forest green (yes, the brown-looking one), and dark wine cherry. So following up with a dye probably isn’t a great idea. Adding Soap Making Dye: Most soap making dyes, especially synthetic ones can be added at trace before pouring soap into mold during cold process soap making procedure. Powders are pigments or mica powder (which are particles that will be suspended in the medium, such as is used with resin). Oil based powder dyes are used to colour white chocolate. Find a Store. Water based dyes (as well as alcohol based dyes) are sold by weight. on bare wood use Solar-Lux DYE Stains for best light fastness or as a toner in solvent based finishes. Come join us April 9-11 at the Sheraton Downtown – Fort Worth, TX – Conference Center for the 2019 AATCC International Conference. Perfect for hard-to-dye materials, Jacquard Basic Dyes are bright, beautiful, and easy to use. The powdered water based dye are offered in one ounce bottles. At present, most gel stains are oil based pigment stains, so they behave rather like the liquid versions of oil based pigment stains. Virgin IslandsU.S. Log In; Cart 0 Products - $0.00 0. My Cart. For our work I suggest you use 1/2 ounce in 1 quart of solution. Dye Based Colorants. Oil-Based Food Coloring Chefmaster's Candy Colors are formulated liquid food coloring that bind to oil-based products such as chocolate, candy melts & any fat-based/oil-based products.This type of food coloring is specialized to work with fat-based recipes where adding water would affect the … When layering water-based and oil-based products, increase the dry time: Water over oil: Let oil-based products dry 72+hrs Oil over water: Let water-based products dry 24+hrs OrcoSolve™ High Flashpoint(HF) Liquid Solvent Dyes. Some are also available as oil soluble liquids. To tint an oil-based finish, it’s best to use an oil-based dye powder, although somewhat confusingly the powder must be dis- solved in mineral spirits and not oil before being added to the clear finish. With practice, you can usually wipe, brush, roll or spray a dye onto wood and it will spread well enough to … Reply. Pylam Products Company, Inc. All rights reserved. Working in smaller batches will produce a stronger colour. Connect Here . Varathane Premium Oil-Based Interior Wood Stain In Kona, 236 Ml . OIL soluble powder dye stains are a good choice for open grained woods like oak, chestnut, elm, ash, and for pine or other resinous woods. Adding color to white chocolate is very easy, but it is important that you follow a couple of simple rules or you may be more than disappointed by the results. Mobile Navigation. | Sign-up for E-news | OUR BLOG | LEARN | SALE | QUICK ORDER; Connect Here . Corporate Office Our oil based powder colour dyes are great for colouring white chocolate. This powder has no taste and comes in blue, green, black, red and white. Oil or solvent dye is used in applications such as foil printing, printing inks, marking pens, ball point pens, candles and other waxes, polishes, leathers, wood stains, acrylic resins, varnishes and shellacs. We recommend stirring the wax for approx. Check out our oil based dye selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. Toll-Free: 800-645-6096 They lodge in surface irregularities, such as sanding scratch marks and wood pores, as shown below. McDoman Chemicals can offer you the right shade, type of colour, fragrance or flavour for your products. The powder color is definitely concentrated enough to stain your hands. These dyes may be finished with varnish, shellac, water based finishes, lacquers, oils or wax. Pylam’s extensive array of oil-soluble and water-soluble dyes can be utilized in most lubrication functions. Oil-soluble powder can be added to … Dissolve with pure gum turps, mineral spirits or naptha and use under lacquers or shellac. Powders are specially processed to dissolve or disperse in either water or oil. White is available as aviation oil smoke. Empirical Formula (Hill Notation) C 24 H 30 N 2 O 2. Oil Blue N Dye content 96 % Synonym: Solvent Blue 14 CAS Number 2646-15-3. Petroleum applications include gasoline, diesel, jet-fuel, biodiesel, fuel additives, heating oil, and kerosene. When using water-soluble dye, simply wipe the surface with water to correct the color if it is too dark, and add more color powder to the dye solution if it is too light. Copyright � 2017. Powder food colors offer the ultimate in strength and can be used safely in chocolates, dry mixes and where water is prohibited. Pigment colorants typically have to be added to a finishing product. I don’t know what to do, or how to use the powder food dye. Choose from Dye-based or Pigment Based. Aniline Dye powers soluble in alcohol or water may be shipped by mail or air. Henna is a natural plant-based dye that’s traditionally used to create temporary tattoos directly on the skin. Allow the first application to dry 24 hours. Keep adding more powder dye until the desired colour is achieved. High Flash Point(HF) Liquid Dyes       Powder Dyes       Fluorescent Powder Dyes. To help you color hydraulic oil, and other oil-based products, we can test the stability and suitability of our colors in your product. Tel: 401-434-3300 Consult with us to identify the desired shade of dye that will meet your rigorous applications. If you are using a liquid food dye, add a few drops to the chocolate before it starts to melt so that it doesn’t cause the chocolate to seize up and thicken. Colour Index Number 61555 . They are also commonly utilized to color candles and waxes , ink and inkjets , wood stains and coatings, and a variety of other non-polar, hydrocarbon based materials.