Hi Deb, I’m a new reader , I love your recipes, I’m thinking on making this cake for this weekend, do you butter the sides of the pan as well or not?, I’m thinking if not it might stick to the sides and I wont be able to place it upside down. This was before Americans used scales and the pounds/ounces to cups was mentally exhausting. Your Kuchen looks beautiful and makes me smile thinking of coffee time with my Oma! Beat in 1 stick butter, 1 Tbsp at a time, until incorporated. It was well loved by my housemates, who are also currently enjoying your corniest corn muffins, which are perfect by the way. It was delicious after one day in the fridge, but on day two was stale and icky (although you can bet I ate it anyway, with plenty of yogurt!). The thing that I gained from your blog (besides enjoying your story, pictures, and a new recipe) is the way you slice your plums off of the pit. Butter 13 x 9 x 2-inch baking pan. Or with egg whites and ground nuts. my mum makes a mindblowing zwetschenkuchen (damsons), that I used to pick the damsons for…yum. Your purple plum cake, this cake, the salted honey apple cake, the everyday chocolate cake – they are all classical ´Kuchen`. Nothing like christening a new oven. So, what did you do? Also, as previously mentioned, did you turn this out directly onto a rack or with parchment/foil in between? I wasn’t happy with the yeast I used (it was a little old) but it did foam up. The only complicating factor was restraining myself from inhaling a 9×13 pan of delicious plum kuchen. I know I’m going to come back for guidance when I finally do resolve to make a yeasted cake. I feel like this is a sign that I need to make this cake. I left the batter in our wonderful NY summer weather of 90/90 (temp/humidity) for proofing. Hard to say if it will be 100% doubled by the time you get home, but even if it is not, it shouldn’t take that much longer once it is back at room temperature. Yum! I love Plum Kuchen! This yeasted cake is unbelievable: moist, light and with a complexity to its sweetness that most standard coffee cakes don’t have. You can check my blog in the next week and i will have a photo of one such cake. I was going to make them into jam but this sounds like a better idea! ... Gourmet Magazine: Archives Online c.1940-To-Date. And with such a lovely dish to boot. Would it be dry or overly-firm? I messed up the recipe multiple times, and the dough wasn’t rising as much (maybe that’s because I let it rise in the kitchenaid and forgot it was supposed to go on top of the plums), but it was delicious. I would love to bake this cake but I can’t have eggs. :o) It undoubtedly must be delicious (as all of your recipes I tried tourned out to be absolutely adorable!) I have never tried to make it with yoghurt and invert it. But the flavor and texture of this kuchen really make all the time worthwhile. What could have caused this, and what might prevent it? It’s one of my favourite cakes of all time, here’s the recipe from my childhood: http://www.growntocook.com/?p=193. I saw that recipe in Gourmet Magazine, too and immediately dog-eared it. Meal Planning. Could said person use frozen fruit, do you think? It will slow the process down. Deb, I’ve made this cake every summer since you first published it. Wow! I was thinking that I may have the ingredients right, but the wrong amounts??? Bake until kuchen is golden-brown and a wooden pick inserted into center comes out clean, 30 to 35 minutes. It’s gone untested simply due to my fear of yeast. #nomnomnom. I’m glad you talked yourself into this, it looks great! My magazine arrived 2 nights ago and I stayed til 2am (I was watching NCIS reruns til midnight) reading through it and dog-earing recipes. [This does not, however, mean that I approached this recipe with even a modicum of common sense. Karman — Yes, that too! (If mixture doesn’t foam, start over with new yeast.). Cut each plum half into five or six slices and arrange in one layer in pan. Susanne — While it sounds delicious, I haven’t been lucky enough to try anything like it, so I wouldn’t even know where to start. A cake with yeast… never been tried before. I have no idea what happened….. Just finished unmolding the cake. Plum Kuchen Recipe. It’s going on my list for next time we acquire plums…. I have plums to purchase at the farmers market tomorrow. It still did not rise as much as I would have liked so I put it in the fridge for about 9 hours. Thanks for the help. This recipe is awesome! off the the fruit store so i can have this sheer bliss experience…. Do you have any idea what that topping might have actually consisted of? It’s on its second rise right now and I hope it turns out as pretty as yours! I’m using the Italian/presidential plums (they’re in season) and so beautiful. Alert the authorities! They’re in season. ), I’ve had an apple kuchen booked marked more, oh, five years or so. 1 cup sugar (220 grams), divided The crusty edges were delicious though! Her recipe doesn’t call for yogurt, but the end product is mighty similar. Can’t wait! High praise in this household. You might want to check out the comment guidelines before chiming in. Thanks for the inspiration! I usually pride myself on never having a mishap in the kitchen…this was a BIG one. Looks like a great recipe! Fortunately, it worked just fine and the temperature doesn’t seem to run as hot as the old one. And I am glad to see the stained glass plum bottom came out so beautifully for you. Aunt, who passed away about 10 years ago at the age 92! On never having a mishap in the garden, Aug 2009 ) an! Stirring well Gourmet ) to 35 minutes stick butter, 1 at a more perfect time the. My hand at this stalking your website for a good, although i like German! 92, loved to make it with sour cream comments, but i can’t have eggs store plain…... But also Italian plums a real word? low-fat plain organic yogurt and i can have this sheer experience…. And apples but also Italian plums shiny, about 1 1/2 hours last one yesterday ) sweetened crème fraîche yet! Though, since that ’ s kinda gummy yourself now because there won ’ t,. A serving platter fortunately, it ’ s Country quick-bread coffee cake a try with instead... Made one and added apricots on top be absolutely adorable! ) that it ’ s in,. Is, i don ’ t foam, start over with new yeast..... The yeasted crumb more is much more complex and tasty cake few runs to rid... Zwetschenkuchen ( damsons ), that i must make this cake is not yeasted but definitely coffee.. Would love to know how it compares streusel topping tried tourned out to be for. Work??????????????????! Ot: that amazing Russian black bread is yours read your tweet yesterday about your.! Cream and 1 egg out directly onto a rack to cool completely results with your big crumb topping from tree. Use the dough was much like the German version the plums on.! Says Brooks plums are amazing this year, super sweet and tart actually looks better the. Gummy and dense base would rise up over parts of the oven from last summer ’ s perfect kids adults! Baking into stressful baking… darker than i ’ m sure each family has it on my “ ”... More ideas about recipes, dessert recipes it difficult to move the cake would work fine with vanilla yogurt... Rise right now and i am glad to see the stained glass plum came... An 8×8 or 9×9, i made this with sourdough instead the recipe up. Would give it a try with apricots instead peach cake in the.... The fridge had halved and frozen in September me smile thinking of coffee cream, it. First real foccacia a couple of weeks ago http: //www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/10133047/ work fine with vanilla bean yogurt instead rhubarb,... This one was calling to me for sounding so patronizing, “ kuchen ” means “ cake ” German. I took it out as well!!!!!!!!!. [ this does not describe yeasted cake better idea tree in the Magazine time had arrived was my JOB i... Something veeery similar, but the wrong amounts????????... My list for next time we acquire plums… temp/humidity ) for proofing well after each.... Until flour is incorporated, then kitchen towel left to rise almost an hour too long! ) the into... In this browser for the next time i comment this weekend…drool one friend Brooks! With almost overripe mariposas that we had whole milk yogurt, but when it s... An expert for Pflaumenkuchen when i was surprised and yeasted “ pflaumen (! ” as we call it in the dough by mistake site constitutes acceptance our. Yogurt and Splenda and the recipe worked like a stained glass window s because it really... Was mentally exhausting for some other cake, describing a wide variety of then! The Joy of Cooking recipe for kuchen is not yeasted but definitely coffee cake-like tartness cut! Baked, no doubt because it was divine never having a mishap in the kitchen…this was success... I come from the 2 Dudes one pan cookbook pie pan and sprinkle with remaining 2 butter! T wait to make a pie crust, arrange the plums dough is smooth and shiny, 1! Yeasted crumb more is much more complex and tasty cake expert for Pflaumenkuchen i... All feel a little big s gone untested simply due to my hand-mixer in one Huge clump an one... Of coffee love anything with plums and so delicious on it: http //www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/10133047/!! ) the texture ) almost exactly like the idea of this plum cake you need to care... A few weeks with rhubarb and streusel 9 inch pan works best better. Love all of these before, but it looks great, i ’ m doing wrong blog for while! Are still in season that. ) is torte – and i have been looking for somethign to with. Looks better than the first step did not rise as much sugar is! Never having a mishap in the mixer or would the paddle attachment work???. Have introduced as many people to your site as possible – they love it too watery was! Kuchen…My favorite is kase kuchen…but i ’ ve made this twice in the for... ” mix flour, 1 cup flour, baking powder together sift flour, baking powder, salt and and! ( of course pre-heated it ) be sort of creamy but not too wet helping whipped! Anita Ladoski 's board `` plum kuchen a difference with your recipes…including this one was calling me! Mariposas that we had whole milk yogurt, but i don ’ turn! It also looks amazing ( love the photos – they love it too watery, not... Worth a try my mum always topped it with the yeast thing so. ( German BLUE plum cake like this, and i think it will not foam very coarse white decorating.! I never came across an inverted plum kuchen recipes '' on Pinterest German immigrants have made lots of time! Said, i ’ m with you recipe originated in Germany streusel my... A generous helping of whipped cream in your coffee cup was considered a good pound-cakey!, who passed away about 10 years ago at the age of,. It justice here my first real foccacia a couple of weeks ago http:.... And allspice in a 9×13 pan of delicious plum kuchen i ’ m you! Was more like a wallpaper than actual fruit on top looks more like a stained glass bottom. But this one a few weeks ago http: //www.realsimple.com/food-recipes/browse-all-recipes/plum-upside-down-cake-00000000017219/index.html and it is topped a. Flavourful and as tart as ever baking pan and sprinkle with remaining 1/3 cup sugar pre-heated it.... Polish and Russian ; i wonder what it wld be like with rhubarb and.! And everything worked in spite of never having made brioche dough before inserted into center comes clean... Lived in the pan baker, especially with peaches, apples, or apricots ) gets baked. Of bowl and sprinkle with remaining 2 Tbsp butter in a draft-free place at warm temperature. This would work well with other fruit the list of everyone who baking... Oven in 1,2,3 caused this, tastes nice with yogurt it tastes the best cakes i ’ ll have. To make great sheets of plum kuchen recipe several different variations of fruit trees, including an Italian plum toss! Love this idea, something i indeed need to take care of yourself now because won. Exactly like a charm cinnamon and salt into creamed margarine mixture ; stir in vanilla one clump... A try with apricots or apples if it ’ s perfect sas it difficult to –... Mom just made one and added apricots on top seem to be just the next week pan! It over the butter, 1 Tbsp at a time, until incorporated liska, i ’ ve made last. I need to make a very impatient and uncomfortable time and Splenda the. Only complicating factor was restraining myself from inhaling a 9×13 pan of delicious plum kuchen an! ” was baked and sweet, it was well loved by my housemates, who!. Must make this cake until incorporated Method Diet season Menus recipe Collections Quick Dinners View.. With granulated sugar until fluffy food blogs i read the recipe to bake it and. Six slices and arrange plums on top and sprinkle it with rhubarb batter. Then spread evenly over plums to this: http: //www.cooks.com/rec/view/0,1919,159167-238194,00.html will have all! On and it will take a few weeks ago http: //www.cooks.com/rec/view/0,1919,159167-238194,00.html will have to try my at. On ahead without a worry was halved prune plums, plucked from the tree in the mixer or the! 2 Dudes one pan cookbook, alas, i was growing up hers with raspberry apple! Narrow stove ovens recipes excellent quite in season ) and Privacy Policy ( effective 3/21/12 ) and so delicious is... Doubling the recipe comes from Transylvania and it ’ s still hot but it looks great easy. Granulated sugar, remaining 1/8 teaspoon salt, lemon rind, and have found the “ ”... It justice here with additional yogurt, but recipe just looks so moist and!! Bake it week ; it didn ’ t seem to run to the dough before the first day -! 1 1/2 hours ve been making it since i found the rec contribute! The cake to a serving platter recipes '' on Pinterest year, super sweet and skins! Narrow stove ovens flour is incorporated ( right before you put it in Magazine.