All reviewers. → Transformers Character Names → Transformers G1 → X. Item guaranteed original and not a re-issue or knock-off unless stated in this description. Transformers: War for Cybertron: Kuşatma Ailece İzlenebilecek Diziler Transformers evreninin kökenlerini aktaran öyküde Autobotlar ve Decepticonlar, acımasız bir iç savaşta gezegenlerini yakıp yıkarken iz bırakacak iki lider ortaya çıkar. from Jump to navigation Jump to search. While Soundwave talks like a DJ, with dialogue full of slang, Soundwave is more seriously minded than his fellow Planet X agent. Listen to all the actors who have voiced Sideways and vote for your favorite. Filter by. Megatron voiced by David Kaye and 5 others . See All Buying Options. Transformers: Cybertron (Transformers: Galaxy Force) on GONZO studion ja Sunwoo Entertainment tuottama tietokoneanimesarja, joka kertoo Autobottien ja Decepticonien taistelusta Cyberplaneetta-avaimista. How are ratings calculated? Sideways later returned in Transformers: Cybertron with a jet-based alternate mode but retained his duplicitous nature. Transformers Cybertron Sideways Deluxe class, figure is in good condition and is complete. Like Energon before it, Cybertron—co-produced between GONZO note , , and Sunwoo Entertainment note , , —was animated with a mixture of hand-drawn animation and CGI. Missing swords. This conscientious, ninja-like warrior races to battle in his newly adopted sports bike disguise exceeding speeds of 250 mph. Enraged, Sideways attempted to kill his "siblings" for doing this, only to be fatally wounded by Optimus Prime using the Requiem Blaster on him. Reverb voiced by No Voice Actor. Hotshot voiced by Kirby Morrow and 4 others . The first installment Siege took place during the final days of the Cybertronian War, while the third and final installment Kingdom will draw inspiration from the Beast Wars animated series . Safeguard voiced by No Voice Actor. hide. CHECK Special Price Today: click Here TAG: Sideways - Transformers Cybertron Deluxe Best Reviews,Best Reviews Sideways - Transformers Cybertron Deluxe, Dicounts Sideways - Transformers Cybertron Deluxe With Garry Chalk, Sarah Edmondson, Sam Vincent, Richard Newman. All are in displayed condition and packed in storage till now. Make a review! Tags: Sideways,Transformers,Cybertron,Deluxe Class,dj51,2005. Sky Lynx vs. Thunderblast. May 26, 2018 - Transformers Cybertron Autobots vs Sideways and Soundwave - YouTube There's more! Write a review. Sideways is an enigmatic and malicious figure from the Transformers franchise. Sideways voiced by Ted Cole and 2 others. Not only does he come from a mysterious unknown planet, but he also pretends to be an Autobot to gain Optimus Prime and his teams's trust!Then, when the heroes least expect it -- BOOM -- Sideways will … But the Decepticons want to get their hands on those artifacts too. The item pictured is the item you will receive, so please review all images closely. 1.5k. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is a shooter role-playing game with a 3rd-generation root. Please note all characters from Transformers Armada and Transformers Energon are being kept on their own pages. ... —Sideways and Soundwave face their last moment together "You see, Starscream, when you risk everything in … Condition is New. is a massive website about Transformers toys, cartoons, comics, and movies. Sort by. ; Transformers: Galaxy Force) 2005-ben vetített japán–amerikai televíziós 2D-s számítógépes animációs sorozat, amely a Televisa Internacional, a Venevision Internacional, a Gonzo és a Sunwoo Entertainment gyártásában készült. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. Main Transformers Cybertron Cast . Vector Prime The Ageless: He was guarding the map to the Omega Lock for well … !” ... RIP Kirby Morrow voice actor for Cybertron Hotshot, Cole from Ninjago, and several other series. save. Info. Other items including instructions, stat cards, packaging, etc. Soundwave is an agent of Planet X who joins the Decepticons, alongside Sideways, and a major antagonist of Transformers: Cybertron. Cybertron > Mini-Con Class. At first, the two Decepticons remained concealed, but Demolishor soon transformed and attacked. Sideways was recruited from Cybertron when Fortress Maximus was discovered on Earth. Transformers: War for Cybertron was released on Jul 10, 2010 About The Game Experience the legendary battle between the Autobots and Decepticons before their exodus to Earth in the untold story of the civil war for their home planet, Cybertron. toy page: Transformers Cybertron Sideways. Figures marked as complete include all pieces, accessories, and missiles. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is pretty much based on the G1 Transformers that we all grew up with and this game offers a more “mature” tale based on those characters. Sideways - Transformers Cybertron Deluxe ==>> OTHER IMAGES <<== Figure changes from vehicle to robot!Figure comes with CYBER PLANET KEY¿, planet map and instructions.Ages 5 & up. Six-Speed voiced by No Voice Actor. 1 History 1.1 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen 1.2 Transformers: Dark of the Moon 2 Weapons 3 Gallery 4 Trivia At some point after the Battle of Mission City, Sideways came to Earth to find his great leader Megatron had died. 111 comments. For other uses of "Transformers", see Transformers. Text, image, video. by Hasbro. Hasbro Sideways - Transformers Cybertron Deluxe. Toys Transformers Cybertron Critical Path Sideways Red Alert New Factory Sealed MOSC. Transformers Year 2005 Cybertron Series 2 Pack Deluxe Class 6 Inch Tall Robot Action Figure - Critical Path Pack - Planet X SIDEWAYS with Wings that Becomes Sword and Earth Planet Autobot RED ALERT with Interchangeable Arm Tools Plus 2 Cyber Planet Keys 1 offer from $199.95. Transformers: Cybertron, known as Transformers: Galaxy Force (トランスフォーマー ギャラクシーフォース) in Japan, is a 52-episode series conceptualized by Hiroyuki Azuma and Steve Drucker, set in the Transformers universe. 1 global rating | 1 global review There … Transformers: Cybertron. This is the character page for Transformers Cybertron. The Transformers: War For Cybertron Trilogy is a multimedia project spanning a three-part anime series on Netflix, as well as a line of action figures. He was voiced by DJ Robert O.Smith. Search. The Autobots embark on a quest to locate mystical artifacts to save their homeworld of Cybertron from being sucked into a black hole. Transformers: Armada, known in Japan as Super Robot Life-Form Transformers: Legends of the Microns (超ロボット生命体トランスフォーマー マイクロン伝説, Chō Robotto Seimeitai Toransufōmā Maikuron Densetsu), is a Transformers animated series, comic series, and toy line which ran from 2002–2004. I saw that in all the parts of the game, this part was rated the most although it was released a long time ago. Complete. View all Transformers Sideways toys. | Full season and episodes - free online streaming fast high quality legal movies and TV television shows Add to Wish List. All stars. Decepticonit yrittävät kuitenkin hallita avaimilla koko universumia. transformers cybertron - sideways 100% complete Over the next couple of days, I will be putting up my remaining Transformers Energon, Cybertron, Animated and Armada collection up for auction. Transformers Toys » Transformers » Main Transformers Lines » Transformers Cybertron » Cybertron Decepticons » Sideways Sideways A con man from the day he first came online, Sideways is a master of deception, mixing just enough truth into his lies to keep both his enemies and his allies off guard. Sideways was a Decepticon who came to Earth some point after the death of Megatron, and hid from Humans and Autobots with the gigantic Demolishor. Transformers Cybertron Sideways (Noise Maze) Toy Gallery (Image #8 of 120) is a massive website about Transformers toys, cartoons, comics, … 1.4k. Autobotit yrittävät Optimus Primen johdolla löytää avaimet ja pysäyttää niillä mustan aukon. A Transformers: Cybertron (超ロボット生命体トランスフォーマー マイクロン伝説; Hepburn: Toransufoma Gyarakushifosu? Shipped with USPS First Class Package.Good condition. It is set during the end of Cybertron with the Decepticons and the Autobots at each other’s throats right until the end. His lightning-fast moves and Energon buzzsaw allow him to get in and out of many a situation. Popular features include daily news, toy galleries, a message board, a … Transformers: Cybertron. Transformers: War for Cybertron Free Download PC Game pre-installed in direct link. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts ... Posted by 3 hours ago “Sideways? Figure is c9. 61.2k members in the transformers community. are only included if pictured. Sideways is probably one of the most horrible Transformers ever! While the soldiers and their Autobot allies were busy fighting off Demolishor, Sideways took advantage of the chaos and attempted to make his getaway. He said a few desperate words, and died. Transformers Cybertron Sideways.. Click image to zoom to original size. From Wikiquote. Transformers Cybertron Sideways Instructions. Mysterious and silent, he reveals little about […] Condition is Used. share. Sideways is a fictional character from various Transformers universes.. Transformers: Armada. Released by Activision in 2012 on the Windows platform. The Autobots embark on a quest to locate mystical artifacts to save their homeworld of Cybertron from being sucked into a black hole. Images are RealPics™ and show the actual item or items. Sideways was hiding out in Shanghai with Demolishor when NEST came to investigate a possible Decepticon insurgence. FRANCHISE RELATED Shows: Transformers: Go-Bots , Transformers Cybertron , Transformers: Titans Return . Price: 14.00 . ADD TO CART . Optimus Prime voiced by Garry Chalk and 7 others . report. Watch Transformers Cybertron Free Online. Sideways On Cybertron is a fanfiction author that has written 2 stories for Transformers/Beast Wars. Press J to jump to the feed. Top reviews.