Loads to these weights will surely be way over pressure!! Winchester’s marketing—and the availability of both rifles and ammunition—saw the rapid rise to success of the.300 Winchester. I personally don't consider extreme long range fair to the game. Both are celebrated by hunters worldwide, but which one of these classic .30-caliber cartridges will come out on top And because the 30 Nosler has a belt-less case, it’s more accurate and makes for easier reloading. First was probably the.30 Newton, introduced by Charles Newton in 1913. One was a factory Nosler rifle that held .5-.75 MOA out to 1400 yards. Go Here to Discuss this article or ask questions. Unless one is accompanied by a good number of friends, or shooting in very … * In order to maintain bullet comparability, all data is based on current Nosler Factory Ammunition loadings for respective calibers. with H-1000 = 91.4 gr capacity with a 3.9 gr advantage, 300 win with RL-33 = 90 gr. Christopher says: December 27, 2016 at 8:02 pm . en 1952, et la .300 Win.Mag. My laupa with stay super sonic 300 yards farther than the 33. it’s no different than saying a 30-06 is the same as a 300 win mag, it’s just not. I am at a loss as to what I will do for a Current build. And because the 30 Nosler has a belt-less case, it’s more accurate and makes for easier reloading. on our Right. The 300 Win. 300 H&H Mag. 30 NOSLER VS. 300 WIN MAG. 30 TC. Idem .270 win , .243 etc... _____ Le problème n'est pas le problème , le problème est ton attitude par rapport au problème J'aime. capacity with a 3.5 gr advantage, 300 win case OAL = 2.606″ As we have stated before, we don’t think the data alone means that you are going to be more accurate just by choosing one cartridge over the other. The 30 Nosler blows past the highly regarded 300 Winchester Magnum—eclipsing the round in all three testing categories. But I would hope with good strong brass and the correct powder the 30 Nos. I took rough measurements of both the 300 Win Mag and the 30 Nosler with the very popular 215 Berger hybrid. Each will average in the center of those listed windows. Sending a 180-grain bullet at 2960 fps, the.300 Winchester Magnum gave a ballistic advantage over the.30-06 Springfield, yet isn’t so fast that premature barrel wear becomes an issue. capacity with a 3.5 gr advantage. Personally, I think only time will tell. 300 PRC and .300 Win Mag factory loads generally have similar muzzle velocities, but the 300 PRC shoots a heavier bullet with a higher BC. Both cases were new unfired. Obviously, I wanted to see what this new case would do, and if it was indeed a significant increase over the .300 Winchester. The old 7mm Rem. Pour des tirs tendus : 300 Win Mag, 300 Weatherby Mag ou pourquoi pas une 7 RM ou 8x68 S pour rester dans des calibres bien disponibles. Have a ball Pard! Mag., or become just another .300 magnum in the herd. get the nod here. I recently worked up a load in 300WM with the 200 Partition. My gut tells me with a 28″ barrel they both will come in in the 3000 to 3050 fps range at 4000′ asl. at shoulder .525″, 300 win Neck length = .252″ Guns and Shooting Online has compiled an extensive table comparing the recoil of many rifle cartridges and bullet weights in rifles of various weights Brass quality and hardness will shadow true results as well. La cartouche .300 WSM est une cartouche Winchester très bien pensée tout comme ses trois « sœurs » précédentes en calibre .30 qui ont connu un grand succès (30-30 Winchester en 1895, la .308 Win. The larger 300s, Rum and 30-378 will only provide more power at extreme long range. This could easily level the field for velocity and could allow the 300 win to excel. out of an unbelted case, and fits into.30-’06 Sprg.-length actions. The years following World War II were a true renaissance of civilian firearm and cartridge development in the United States. Its a good looking bullet. also easier to locate for sure. I think I'd prefer it over the 280 Ackley just because brass is probably a little easier to come by. C’est la même balle dans un étui plus petit : le même que le 243W qui en est issu. Both of these are .30 caliber rounds and it would be easy to assume that a lot of their ballistic performances are similar. The.30 Newton is a fat-cased unbelted cartridge designed to fit into a.30-06-length action. Mag. Compare these rounds in the charts below. 30-30 Win. For the 300 win the only new case I had was a Lapua head stamp. The.300 Win Mag weighs between 180 to 200 grams but can fire a bullet at a whopping 64,000 PSI. at Web = .544″ 300 Win Case head to bottom of shoulder = 2.202″ 30 Nos. The 30 Nosler also headspaces off the shoulder, improving alignment with the bore. 30 Nos. I think the newer TTSX has more advantages. I think both are fine rounds and would serve hunters well. 30 Nos OAL (case head to bullet tip) = 3.595″, 300 Win case head to bullet O-give with comparator = 2.730″ The 30 Nosler outperforms the 300 Weatherby in every category, including trajectory, velocity and energy. at Web = .544″, 300 Win Case head to bottom of shoulder = 2.202″ I know some very tough brass is available for the 300 win. A 300 Weatherby is about as good with a 200 gr. These are not charge weights!!! In 2016 the .30 Nosler was announced, and the latest cartridge to join the Nosler line is the .33 Nosler. 30 Nos. The 30 Nosler is going to push a 215 Berger 3000-3100 fps most of the time. In conclusion here are my thoughts. I obtained 50 pieces of 30 Nosler brass from Nosler itself and headed to the reloading bench. The 33 Nosler looks to be about the same ballisticly as the good old .340 Weatherby Magnum, which isn’t even mentioned here! With a 215 Berger seated with bottom of bullet bearing surface at bottom of case neck. Le 300 WM est fait pour des canons de plus de 60 cm. The ballistics is one of the most important things you should consider when comparing.30-06 vs.300 Win Mags. 300 Win OAL (case head to bullet tip) = 3.690″ Hornady .300 PRC (left) and 30 Nosler 30 Nosler vs. Hornady .300 PRC. The.30-06 cartridges are light in weight (around 150 to 180 grams) and can shoot down targets with a maximum pressure of 60,200 PSI. CAUTION:!!!! Our belt-less case makes it easier to resize when reloading and improves accuracy potential by headspacing off the shoulder. There are some darn good factory offerings and many of them. The 30 Nosler blows past the highly regarded 300 Winchester Magnum—eclipsing the round in all three testing categories. Just a year or so ago I wrote that the 30 Nosler was arguably the single best-designed .30-caliber magnum in existence. Hunting . Consult a loading manual for starting charges and work up safely.!!! Elk weigh about 3 times as much as a big deer and … Have you ever considered the 270 WSM? Loads to these weights will surely be way over pressure!! 7mm Magnum Showdown: 7mm Rem. 300 Sav. Mag., the new .28 Nosler, and the over-the-top 7mm RUM—a shoot-off to find the best. Powder burn rate and barrel length will come into play here. 338 Win Mag vs 300 Win Mag vs 338 Lapua: History. 30 Nos. The .30/06 vs. the .300 Winchester Magnum. 30 Nos. mag is good too but the meat hunters in Montana, Idaho and Washington think the 35 Whelen is better than a 30 mag and the 338 caliber 225 gr. with H2O = 87.5 gr 1.8 gr advantage, 300 win with H-1000 = 87.5 gr capacity Tomtom74. See how they compare in the charts below. 2950fps with R23 shot like a varmint rifle, the 200 NAB would be swell too. 300 PRC - 90g-104g 30 Nosler - 85g-90g Brass quality I've never had a problem with either Hornady or Nosler brass. More Hunting. 300 Rem Ultra Mag. 30 Nos. Here are some measurements and comments about the 300 Win vs the 30 Nos. Neck Length = .293″. offers .041″ more neck to bearing surface length. But the 300 WSM is also a great choice. I have only shot it out to 600 yards, but it is shows great promise with limited load development with 210 bullets. E-TIP 300 WINCHESTER Magnum LEAD FREE AMMUNITION . 300 Win Mag. en 1963) car la .300 WSM offre un bon équilibre de puissance avec un recul gérable et pour la chasse de la plupart des espèces de gibier européen. capacity Just going in general terms of the .300 Win Mag vs .30-06 discussion, the .300 Win Mag has the edge over the .30-06 for long-term accuracy just going from the data we have looked at so far. with RL-33 = 93.5 gr. with RL-33 = 93.5 gr. Looking Back! 300 Blk. 300 PRC vs 300 Win Mag. It is purely a big-game hunting cartridge that utilizes .338-inch bullets. Decisions Decisions. Mag., but … NOSLER AMMUNITION . Mag., .30-06 Springfield. is a minimum for reliable elk. Then also H2O. 30 Nos. If deformation of the lead nose in the magazine box is a problem, our 180 grain Protected Point Partition or AccuBond bullets are good options. I think the 338 Win. Mag. What a joke. 300 Win on our Left, 30 Nos. So, it begs to question whether or not the new .300 PRC will steal the thunder of the .300 Win. Therefore, 300 PRC has a slightly flatter trajectory, a little more retained energy, less wind drift, and somewhat more recoil than the 300 Win Mag. at shoulder .488″ 30 Nos. Measurements: 300 win case OAL = 2.606″ 30 Nos. Like Bertram and RWS. Les poudres sont donc plus vives, et dans 47 cm, ça ferait aussi bien. It's pretty close to the 280 Ackley and since you're a reloader, obtaining ammo won't be an issue. So a .300 Winchester Magnum round exits the barrel with kinetic energy equal to the energy required for linear vertical displacement of 3520 pounds through a one foot distance, while a .45-70 Government round exiting the barrel has energy equal to the amount required to displace 2270 pounds over the same one foot distance. But that needs to be proven. case OAL = 2.544″ 300 Win at Web = .506″ 30 Nos. November 25, 2019. 30/40 Krag. 30-06 Sprg Ack Imp. Firing a 210 gr. 300 WSM. 30 Nosler. 300 RCM. Find a Nosler Rifle Chambered in 30 Nosler, See the Performance of 30 Nosler AccuBond® Long Range Bullets, Get Everything You Need to Load 30 Nosler. Mag. of energy, the 30 Nosler outperforms such touted rounds as the 300 Weatherby and the 300 Win Mag. 30 Nosler vs.300 Win Mag. The second is a rifle I had built for my wife with a Proof carbon barrel. 30-06 Sprg. at shoulder .525″ 300 win Neck length … All of those numbers are using H1000 powder. Introduced in 2016, the 30 Nosler meets the velocity of the .300 Weatherby, headspaces on the shoulder like a .300 RUM, has an efficient powder column like the .300 WSM and fits in the same standard-length action of a .300 Win. 7.62x51mm NATO 308 Norma Mag. Case head to bottom of shoulder = 2.112″ 300 Win. Recoil of the 300 WSM should be pretty much the same as the 300 Win Mag. Performance is about the same as the.300 Win. 300 win with RL-33 = 90 gr. Belts do not bother me in the least. might see 3075 to 3100. The 300 PRC is going to push a 215 Berger between 2950 and 3050 most of the time. Over the last hundred years, the 30 caliber category has gotten crowded. With the best magnum performance in a standard action, the 30 Nosler was introduced as a more evolved cartridge option. Mar 30, 2020 #4 buffybr Well-known member. The .300 Win. is excellent for breaking big shoulder bones and hitting the heart/lung area. They are max case volumes. Brass availability I'm figuring Hornady to be more readily in stock but both companies are invested in these proprietary cartridges and both support the reloading market so the difference here may be small. 30-378 Wby Mag. But this was good because I have found that the case capacity of the Lapua to be very close to WW and RP and some others. Maybe? The 300 Win Mag’s short case neck is not detrimental to accuracy, and it is actually capable of near bench-rest like groups with the proper load in a high quality rifle. 308 Win. Filed Under: Precision Hand Loading Tools, Precision Handloading "How To" Tagged With: 30 Nosler, 300 win mag, Berger Bullets, ELR, Extreme Long Range, hand loading, hunting, long range, long range only, precision, rifle throat. Reactions: lifesupport4u. The idea of a fast.30 is hardly new. The Series. 30 Nos. Cases were filled with a 6″ drop tube to the bottom of the neck. Latest. Same weight bullet, same velocity = same recoil. These are not charge weights!!! Donc 30.06 évidemment, si tu ne veux pas du 9.3.Mais si le 308 W était dispo, tu ferais aussi bien avec ce calibre qu’avec le 30.06. The 300 Win Mag is going to push a 215 Berger between 2900 and 3000 fps most of the time. 300 Wby Mag. The shorter neck of the 300 win has never been an issue either, but if you prefer a longer neck the 30 Nos. These are rough measurements on unfired untouched brass. Reduced powder mass yields less recoil than other magnum cartridges when shooting the same bullet to the same velocity. What that will actually mean as far as muzzle velocity remains to be seen. 300 Win Dry case w/ primer = 221.7 gr I personally would not chamber any … In this section, we will look at velocity, trajectory, and ballistic coefficients of the .300 Win Mag vs 30-06 to give us the information necessary to draw some conclusions for when each cartridge is best used. Too much can go wrong and the recovery of an animal shot at 100 yards can already be complicated at times. Case usable capacity with powder goes to the 30 Nosler with about 3.7 gr. Brass/chamber design The 300 PRC has a 30 deg shoulder, the 30 Nosler … A 300 Win Mag will do very well for almost all applications. I use two powders, H-1000 and RL 33. case OAL = 2.544″, 300 Win at Web = .506″ Tomahawks Are Back: These American Relics Have Seen a Resurgence in Military and Survival Situations. Factory ammo: 300 Win will get the nod here today. 308 Mar Exp. Joined Oct 3, 2009 … 30 Nos. This is the usable volume for powder. CAUTION:!!!! The 30 Nosler cartridge delivers better ballistics than the.300 Win. at shoulder .488″ In 2014 Nosler introduced the flat-shooting .26 Nosler, following it up in 2015 with the .28 Nosler (7mm) that was based on the .26 case but necked accordingly. By Ron Spomer. Explore this site to compare these rounds and many others. A more efficient round, offering the same performance as large magnums, but in a shorter cartridge. Survival. They are max case volumes. capacity 30 Nos. The 30 Nosler blows past the highly regarded 300 Winchester … vs. .28 Nosler vs. 7mm RUM. Les .300 win Mag , .30-06 , .30R , .308 sont en pouces Leur nom n'est pas 300wm mais .300wm Pas 30-06 mais .30-06 Springfield Pas 30R mais .30R blaser .300 = 0.300 (en fait arrondi de 0.308).30 = 0.30 (0.308) Ils sont donc tous en pouces ! But if you are one that does not like belted cases the 30 Nos. I have more experience with the older Barnes 180 XBT from a 300 Win Mag. I plan to further research the quality and hardness of the available brass for the 30 Nosler. Consult a loading manual for starting charges and work up safely.!!! 300 Rem SA Ultra Mag. Hope this helps some that want to compare these two great choices for a 30 cal. 30 Nos. Dry case w/ primer = 287.2 gr, 300 Win with H2O = 85.7 gr As a matter of mirror-image fact, the two cases are extremely similar. bullet. AccuBond® Long Range bullet at 3,000 fps with over 4,000 ft.-lbs. Christensen Arms Ridgeline to MPR by LRO’s Daniel Brozovich, ” OCW ” Optimal Charge Weight load development by Ryan Furman, The Stukey’s Portable Shooting Bench Review by LRO’s Jeff Brozovich, Getting Started in PRS Style shooting. Both with 215 seated bearing surface to bottom of case neck. case head to bullet O=give with comparator = 2.635″. Case head to bottom of shoulder = 2.112″, 300 Win. 30 Nosler may be an advantage for some with a shorter mag box length by .095″ However I have not had issues in a long action loading to the lands with a 300 win with these bullets. 338 win mag pas mal non plus pour mettre au tapis les gros animaux. 30 Nos. I did some bench comparisons of the two. Compare these rounds in the charts below. Daniel says: January 24, 2017 at 1:15 pm. Left to right: 30 Nosler, .300 Win. Today, I have to give that nod to the .300 PRC.

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