To use this component on your website, you should define: additional CSS properties for “.burger-menu” to set sizes, colors and position of the component to fit it to your project, It has a very smooth and simple animation when you click on the button. The animation resembles some sort of atomic particle. In this tutorial, I’ve managed to compile some of the beautiful hamburger menu icon developed using html and css. Well the code is similar to previous section of the tutorial. The sliding sensation is as a result of the effect on the ‘Sliding Drawer Navigation Menu’, it adds great responsiveness to a website’s design. The hamburger symbol consists of 3 lines so you’ve got 3 lines to manipulate and come up with many a different designs you prefer. Initially, the hamburger menu button is designed with very bright and attractive colors. We are wrapping those span block because we want it to contain the checked and unchecked property of the checkbox button. In this post, I will be sharing CSS code snippet for creating a hamburger menu without any Images or Icon Fonts. As of now, we’ve just talked about clicking effects only. It uses only one simple animation for your hamburger menu button. Such icon is extremely useful for responsive designing or mobile designs with smaller screen sizes. Using the overlay effect, when clicked on the icon, the whole interface transitions into a colorful gradient menu option. spin. The dasharray property holds the number of dashes to include in the stroke while the dashoffset holds the starting position of the dashses. We’ve added a relative positioning. When you click on the button, the three horizontal lines of the hamburger menu button is initially combined into one horizontal line. You can add the menu titles on each rows of the button extension. Every thing related to hamburger menu icon in this section remains same to previous one with respect to html structure. You’ve Finished Your Photoshop Burger Menu Template! Followed by using a