I say to wait until things dry up and dig the earth away from the outside of the pool wall where it’s caving in. Slide it in the track and bolt it on both sides from bottom to near the top (above water line), then also bolt it across the top. At that point in the story, people usually opt to get a whole new pool as the price is just slightly more than for just a wall. Can this pool be repaired with a sectional metal wall and a patch? I’m just not sure if it’s structurally safe to do so. Advanced Wall Repair for an Above Ground Pool, Copyright © 2020 INYOpools All rights reserved. density strength. A tree has fallen and crushed 2 panels around 1/3 of the way down. Very informative! What’s important here is the wall’s integrity. is the pool safe with the small hole? I was going to try some reinforcement ideas but my concern is a blowout since its the bottom of the pool and its out of the track. You take the tube and pinch off a piece mixing it together, wire brush ( by hand or with a drill ) any rust spots were you see any blisters or drainage , water my start to squirt out be ready to add the JB and rub it to hold and smooth out like flaring , will harden and give a good bond . I have a 12×12 above ground pool and need two 4 feet side wall panels because thy are rusted. The hole is in the shape of a circle with a 10 inch diameter. i have an above ground pool and it is a JW type of pool and it needed a new liner, yes it is an old pool but in great shape no rust anywhere in or out, the place island recreation that we bought a new liner from came and inspected my pool and said we need to replace 2 panels so we did and then the came and inspected it again after and said it was perfect to go, I then asked them what they thought of my pool they said it is a great pool and it will last forever had no rust or anything. Luckily the liner is not punctured, my husband got his pliers and turned some of the metal away from the liner and then stuffed something between the liner and hole. I believe that the cord the holds the winter cover on may have been around the skimmer and put stress on the wall around the the skimmer. We also have new 18″ sheet metal at the bottom of the entire pool wall. loved the article on how to fix the pool wall and saw one person mentioned getting steel wall sheets from an hvac place – and i want to bolt in a piece as suggested – top to bottom both sides – but i cant. Basically steel or aluminum coil stock can be purchased in many different widths and might be what you really need. Replacement above ground pool walls can be very expensive to order from the manufacturer so that option is probably out. Can this be repaired? It has come down to this. Does the metal channel need to be a certain shape? There is no rust. Tore a hole in the wall and liner about 3″ x 3″. Would this type of damage be a candidate for a metal patch held with duct tape if I try to repair them myself (I have photos if that helps) ? You will need to contact the manufacturer directly for replacement walls. Interesting is that low gage = thicker. The largest individual holes are not larger than a nickel or quarter in diameter. I am replacing my liner and stumped as to what size to buy. I don’t know if it can be fixed or where to even start. I’m very worried it will burst. Above Ground Pools. I noticed small holes (bubbles on outside of pool wall) in different places recently. Would it be safe to clean the area from rust, preserve it and put a strip or two of sheet metal over that area? Where can I get the replacement pieces? . Yes, I’d say you can. I thought because it does not rust??? I know the bottom channels are disintegrated so it’s great to hear they are not necessary!! It's easy to do. Our pool is 30 years old but the pool company we hired said the pool was strong and fine to replace the liner. Stone also can … That’s why I just use duct tape for small wall repair. I have a 27ft above ground. If you don’t have the cash then try this. Sometimes pool owners will replace their pool because its top rails are too rusty or some of the uprights and pieces of bottom track have rusted out. You mentioned to get 4 pieces of metal steel channel. If not from splashing, then probably from a hole in the liner somewhere or (if you have a beaded liner) coming down from the top. It is also true the farther down the wall the more pressure there is. You really have saved the day, as I was about to rip the whole thing apart. Where can I buy them. I’ll be looking for GA14 [thickness] and G(90)[zinc amount] – I could try to find G(235), but it may be harder to find and a few coats of Rust-Olium should help. The pool has to be drained if you seriously want to repair this right. A pool wall rupture is something you DO NOT want to have happen. I am tired of wasting chemicals. I’m repairing a hole in my pool wall using a piece of sheet metal, what size channels do I need and how long screws? You just set the record for oldest above ground pool liner. Rustolium paint it and patch it with new metal, Cut a new hole for the skimmer and patch the old one? Well, there are three options at this point. Hi Dan, If we can’t get the post to snap by in due ti pool crimping in that area where it snaps in at the bottom, is it ok to leave the post not snapped in and just make sure the top rails are in place. Deep Hard Side Metal Wall Above Ground Swimming Pool Package The Independence pool is the perfect entry The Independence pool is the perfect entry level above ground … Above Ground Pools; Pool Accessories; Pool Liners; Wall Repair Kits; Blog; Shop. Battery operated white LED light. Carol Pool is about 2 ft in ground..we did that in order to meet our deck..We’ve had so much crazy, wet snow and we still have cover on, which I think stresses the one wall which is leaning…but there is so much water around pool (from all the rain, snow, etc) we cant get near it to do anything till it dries up..and to top it off the 40 mhp winds we’ve had also…hoping we can save it…Its been thru a bunch of storms and has held up…do you think once we get pool filled back up, the walls will move back? My pool is rusted around the skimmer and right below it. An unstable pool… Below is a list of the manufacturer's of Above Ground Pools. It looks really bad but rust is not visible from the outside yet, nor any holes. Does that mean my liner has holes in it in those places? I hear you can make some extra cash driving for Uber. Everything ElseAbove Ground Pool. I dont want to lose our pool…. I started building a 18’x 52” pool , leveled ground as good as possible placed blocks under each leg, went by instructions online and started putting wall up and assembling the side legs one at a time, but when I reach the end the pool wall is 2” away from the other end of the wall?… how do I get the ends to meet to get the screws in?….. The top rail along that section is definitely trashed, but I think I could probably straighten the dents out of the wall. Worst-case Scenario. If the rust holes are closer to the bottom of the pool’s wall, then that’s worse and should possibly require more than just a simple patch job. I read one of your earlier post about purchasing a piece of sheet metal 14GA you recommended to cover the hole. How do I fix this?” As you climb out of the pool to go look for that can of Rust-Oleum you bought two years ago, you wonder how bad this rusty wall really is and instead go search on the Internet. So, the lower the tear, the less likely it will hold. THE RECTANGLE POOL has 3" thick, 4' wide, and 52" high thermal-insulated wall panels. But how can water come out the wall ? I have a pool that is only 2 months old. I have a 18×39 oval shaped above ground pool which is over 20 years old..With all the snow we have had and ice, some how the liner slipped off one side of pool and all the water drained out. Pool Warehouse offers a complete line of Hydra polymer and steel wall pool kits, both pool … So no, not safe. There are two outside posts that are bent kind of underneath the wall, also causing the wall to be bent. Can this be repaired? Hi Dan, Pool is 28,000 gallons 19’x39′. All of our 24' Round Pools include a blue liner and thru-wall skimmer at no additional charge. Most of the time the discovered rust on the inside of the pool wall is just surface rust and not much of an issue. I had my landscaper put stone around the pool. I think you are probably ok with just straightening out the damaged part of the wall since it’s at the top of the wall. What if it’s more than just surface rust? Your best bet of course would be to order directly from the manufacturer of your pool. it would not blow out because the earth holds it in place but i worry the rust could continue upward on the wall? In most cases a small hole towards the bottom of the wall won’t cause a blowout. Most of the time, a rusty pool wall is noticed when a liner is changed. Tom. Some failed. You can pay a sheet of stainless steel 5’x8′ cut it to size and cut the old section out at the support uprights and over lap two inches and drill and bolt them together. Is there any kind of materials to glue to it and make it stick back to the frame before the whole thing gives way. Should I worry? Then we are back to locating a store near you that sells the brand you own. we emptied pool again and called they are saying not there problem. There is a small hole on the opposite side of the pool about halfway up that we had noticed. I had a leak from the external part of the return jet that went unnoticed for a while. ABOVE GROUND BEST WARRANTY IN THE INDUSTRY Made with materials that surpass industry standard for strength and durability, the Cypress is built to last. Liners shrink when you drain the pool. I would need to know more or see a couple of pics to determine what to do but my instinct says that if it’s not bowing too bad, just keep filling and it’ll work itself out with the outward weight of the water. I got it up and running now the water is seaping below the skimmer what do I do or can I save it by making new hole with a new piece. I started by just duct taping some rigid steel sheeting over the holes and some failed. Pool Liners If the pool is level and the sidewall is not eaten away with rust it should be safe. Water somehow got in between the pool wall and the liner and rusted a hole smaller then a penny , not to mention my air pillow somehow popped and the pool froze over completely. Thank you Dan. Probably won’t find a real pool guy to do it. I would have to see pics to give a better opinion. Any situation where a large spot of the pool wall has rusted thru, there is always a chance that it won’t hold water or water activity and split open. I ended up taking the walls down so it didn’t blow down and found 3 other areas of rust on the bottom of the wall. Some have openings through the rust. I am tempted to do this repair. If you have a Wilbar pool, buy the parts from Inyopools.com. llrandallavon@yahoo.com, Join in and write your own page! And it’s bolted from top to bottom on both ends so the wall cannot split open when filled. It may save you money, if you do it right. Is it safe to top off the water and use the pool? This blog post is about advanced wall repair for above ground pools, but before I can tell you about that you must find out if you need it. I have a beaded liner so can replace the liner without taking top rim off. Yes you can but I have never seen anyone paint the resin parts of their pool so I’m not sure how that would go or look. The part where the hose attaches has rusted and the liner is exposed. Awning Contractors Could I use rust remover then spray the panel with rustoleum primer? Hi, Pool is built into a deck, and I can’t take off top rim of pool easily without taking deck apart. With surface rust you can maybe get some sandpaper, sand the rusty areas smooth, and then use that can of Rust-Oleum you found and the wall is good to go. I have a 21 year old pool. Otherwise, cover them up and stop thinking about it. Moisture can hang out for a long time especially under a deck. I would be concerned too. We are working on our pool tomorrow. The length of compromised wall is roughly 5 ft. i have not yet seen the rust but I have felt it thru the liner that it pricked tiny holes in – i patched those just to hobble thru last summer) If i could get an extra long piece – a piece much longer than needed – perhaps 8 ft for a five foot rust spot – would massive amounts of gorilla glue and duct tape work if I need to use something other than bolts? When I took the wall down there was what appeared to be mostly surface rust around the bottom, as it was buried about 8-10″ deep on one side. My hole was 1/4″ but the screwdriver found good metal around a 3″ hole, just a foot below the water level. This seems to be opposite of pool liners. I finally realized that I needed to reinforce the damaged wall’s integrity from top to bottom and not just in the local bad spots. Oval Above Ground Pools Oval above ground … The walls most likely will not move back in place when you install a new liner and fill. Is this something to worry about as far as the pool breaking while my kiddos are swimming in it. Above ground pool components were at one time made solely of steel or metal alloys. Yea that’s here. They don’t like to be without water for any more than a day or so. From its 8.5” steel top ledges to its 7” steel uprights, this above ground pool is known to surpass the life of any comparable pool. Many times you can find one with a wall still in good shape & cut out enough of that to lay over the inside of the damaged area and either rivet it in place or bolt it the way the walls are seamed together. How can I remedy the situation? Sounds like you have a regular wall aluminum pool. My local pool store effectively told me I was screwed. We decided to set it up ourselves as we did not have the money to have pay an installer. We want your pool … Should we try to shim it up to snap back in or put up a support against the post to hold it in place? If i only have a small half inch hole mid way on the wall, do i have to put top to bottom tin sheet or just a smaller sheet 4 inches by 4 with duck tape? I’ll keep you posted. Their was not a hole in the liner when I covered the pool . Is it possible to put back in track and push sand back under.. Install a new one. I would like your opinion . I have a rough rust area about 1-2 feet round toward the bottom (from mid all the way to the bottom). It’s not easy to get just a replacement wall for an above ground pool as manufacturers don’t like to provide them for models which are more than a couple of years old. Above ground pools come in round and oval shapes and are made from a wide variety of material. surprisingly the liner was not damaged at all and there has been no water loss. I bought a new liner and while filling with water I had 2 sections on far side of the pool bowing inside and one section bowing outside of pool. ALISSA I did write to you over last winter, but I don’t think I got a reply. I have a 33 ft pool maybe 7 yrs old. Yea, I’m trying to see if there is a way to do this without draining the pool: the hole in the wall is at the very bottom of the pool. I noticed our pool going down about a month ago and blamed it on liner that has leaked and we have repaired many times. How can water be coming out the wall . Is it a fixable issue. Wall to wall… Butress to butress its about 15′ 1″…… So do I go with a 15 wide or 16? Help…. Any suggestions on who to call to hire out to repair small rust holes on the upper section of pool wall? Raise your rates a little to pay for it. My pool walls are completely damaged and are off the pool I’m looking for new walls and bottom track I’m not getting no help anywhere the pool structure is in good shape and any help? You may find someone to repair it but it is doubtful. Oval Replacement Walls (27) Round Replacement Walls (24) Wall … Resin 52” pool 13 yrs old with a hole midway up the wall under my deck. To fix a hole on my steel wall pool, I was able to find a wall section from another pool that I plan on bolting on to the damaged wall. There’s not much space, I could barely fit a kitchen knife. Also, you should be measuring at the height of the water line on the pool wall. The walls are faded and stained. Then I would bolt the pieces of sheet metal to the existing wall all the way around the rust holes. If you have a pool wall that has rusted away badly, my advice is to get a new pool to replace the wall and frame completely. Well it was, until recently. When they removed the older liner, there was rusting at the skimmer box and return. How can I fill my pool? I don’t believe there is a leak in the liner or any rust on the interior wall of the pool. They have little to no structural value. Your thinking is good in that the pool won’t blow out due to it being in the ground 2 feet.