It smells delightful and sexy. It smelled pretty good and I could smell it throughout the whole store. At first, I tried to wear it regularly, especially when the weather was warm, but I think I will now try and find someone to give this away to. I got the impression from little whiffs over time that I would love this. I can see how some may liken it to a heavily perfumed soap depending on how it reacts with their chemistry. People said i smell pleasant. It doesn't smell *bad*, but to me it's really reminiscent of household cleaning supplies; I find it smells like either Febreeze or Pledge floor cleaner. The light and fresh scent of the wood sage and sea salt fragrance smells similar to the Jo Malone brand. A celebrity fragrance that wasn't Elizabeth Taylor! Some more expensive but some of the cheaper ones might be worth a shot. Citrus for a brief moment, powdery, very heady white floral with roses, and musk. I think for a "classy gal" such a Jennifer Lopez she could have done better.She wears some French Parfum that cost $350 an ounce and i bet it does not smell any thing like GLOW. Glow by Jennifer Lopez EDT Spray 1.7... (. Glow has that bright, yet gentle summer vibe for me, but with a grown-up musky floral kick which I absolutely adore. So disappointed. I enjoy how this smells (especially the older formulation).....HOWEVER, she blatantly ripped off Body Time/TerraNova's China Rain perfume oil. I spray this deliberately even on my hair and cloth and nothing seems to work. Glow is a classic. It is a clean and soapy scent, but it has a little something 'extra' that keeps it from being a complete bore/soap. For summer, it's a clean scent that won't choke people including yourself. some ppl said it smelled like dove but NOOO it smells like nivea in the blue jar that one with the thick consistency and there's a big difference between nivea and dove. It is incredibly unique. It's really simple. out of it creates a lilac-esque light, breezy scent. Glow by Jennifer Lopez is a Floral fragrance for women.Glow was launched in 2002. I had high hopes for this as a casual weekend type fragrance but that linear note I keep smelling makes it kind of cloying to me. Will use it up only because i hate wasting products. I am using China Rain for a decade and it's my most treasured fragrance secret I never share to anyone. Still pleasant, though. There are many stories about people who claim to be able to smell cancer, and it may very well be true. I'm growing up, cuz: frickin tuberose. This always makes me think of dove bar soap, just the regular white one. Meanwhile, the initial moderate projection begins to drop, and changes to moderate to low. ...I fixed it! This perfume 'glows' like radioactive material, with an equally long half-life....bad semi-blind buy for me. It is definitely a sweet and very basic floral, but its good to come at it with an open mind instead of expecting it to smell like actual bluebells, which it does not. Not a fan of this one. I used to love smelling the nozzle of Glow when it was out on a counter somewhere. This is not a wimpy perfume. But i have been wearing it a lot lately and thought Ide add a bit more to my review on this one. This came out when I was a sophomore in high school and I remember the ad being in every single magazine I picked up. Even after trying to wash it off. I definitely think it's the soapy Vibe that doesn't mesh well with me. I instantly liked it, it was different. Jennifer Lopez is up there with the true labels and designers. (Diva says: it smells like powder. Top notes are Neroli, Orange Blossom and Grapefruit; middle notes are Jasmine, Rose and Tuberose; base notes are Musk, Sandalwood, Orris Root, Vanilla and Amber. At least on me. It's awful. yes, it smells maybe like soap, but not a nice soap - I find it annoying, not "clean" as I hoped it to be, at all!! Somehow I would have guessed LOTV, but I guess it's the other white flowers. This was a perfume I received from an old boyfriend shortly after it came out. The bottle is very classy. But no, Glow is just dreadful. This is perfect if your guy is the "non complicated" type, those who like you to smell nice and yummy, nothing too conceptual or overpowering. A powdery-musk I can get behind. This is one of the first celebrity fragrances that I remember. Implements in it. I do love musk, but this is also so feminine, clean, soft, but also powerful. I often have a little squirt of Jenny glow in the pharmacy on the way to work, it 14.99, must invest, I bought the jenny glow last week it is gorgeous. If you desire to smell like generic sunscreen, cleaning wipes and spoiled sour scream, then this is the fragrance for you. I can understand where you would spray this, and think ick! On me, this is a very linear lemon-musk. I find that I smell different aspects of it depending on the weather and my mood. Those are real perfumes in my book, so I was too quick to judge this as a complete mess. For me Glow is intense powdery floral scent, very strong on musk, roses and sandalwood. This scent always makes me think of it. BUT the musk is not like the musk in Light Blue and Bright Crystal and Acqua di Gioia. If only a perfume version existed. Perfect for summer and spring. Bought a new bottle, it has been smoothed down quite a bit: the older batches had a much more medicinal vibe that made it almost an aloof scent for the first hour. This is NOT a safe blind buy frag. Fantasy is the second fragrance release from Britney Spears under the Elizabeth Arden label. I spray it at Kohl’s and I immediately recognized it smelled familiar, then I realized it was White Shoulders! I really like this. It's going pretty quick actually. This is a very pleasant floral musk which is appropriate for any age. I have had this bottle for almost two years and I never reach for it. Reviewed in Canada on May 16, 2020. Women should smell like women—maybe a little salty, maybe a little sweet, but always with our own unique, indescribable aroma. Its a little sweet, there's a slight rosy-baby powder note in it too. I'm just posting it here now. OK what the heck is going on with my brain right now?! I've been spraying this on myself after my shower at night and it's okay this way, but I won't rebuy. And I almost bought the Minuite Enchantee as well, but passed as it smells so much like Mauboussin, and I already have some of that too. I just got this, and it's nicer than I thought it would be. The longevity is decent and sillage is low to mid... def a “skin scent” but doesn’t stick to clothes. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. Garnered form the absolute oils of pure natural ingredients, these fragrances hold within them the beauty, mysteries and love of nature’s remarkable … I use to wear it too, and being 5 years old at the time this perfume today brings back a lot of good memories. I had no idea Kenneth Cole dropped a new one, it hasn't been added to fragrantica yet. It indeed smells similar to the Nivea body lotion in the classic blue bottle, BUT the Nivea you can find in the US. I bought Eau de Glow and it felt too chilly for me. I really like Jennifer Lopez and admire her artistry but I dislike this perfume. I suspect MK does the style I like best but the Jlo actually can tide me over for now. Smells very much like China least at first. If you clean fragrances give it a try. The opening is fresh and bright; the grapefruit is slightly sweet, and both, the tuberose, neroli, and orange blossom create a mix of floral and citrus notes. It's a savior when you need to smell not perfumey but clean and somewhat floral. (Which I adored all of them.) So much nostalgia with this one too! It smells like soapy, musky rose but not in an expensive way. This didn't smell, to me anyway, anything like Jasmine or mint. I would use it for night occasions functions like when I'm in a gown etc. It's a little industrial/institutional smelling, I think I will most likely use this as a linnen spray. Thank you. After getting wrapped up in my VS & B&BW stage I unfortunately pushed these aside and honestly don't remember what happened to my bottles of my beloved JLo's. I wish the original reformulation would back, it was Powerful and amazing. Which is fair bc the description is perfectly written :“clean”, “soapy” “powdery”. Soapy skin musk with a plastic doll head vibe to it. She's done a great job with her fragrances! Who can argue with that? Before my perfume obsession took off, I used to not like this at all. I remember smelling this 12 years ago and thinking that I just had to buy it, but I didn't get round to buying it until two years ago. I was aware MK is pretty popular but I didn't really get it until one day I caught the slightly salty warm yet clean drydown behind the somewhat syrupy,chemically opening. It is better than Can Can and Fantasy, in my opinion. Sandalwood is very top note and musk too. I blind bought Glow together with My Glow. Definitely going to look for the Jenny Glow version! I had a little sample vial that I used up quickly. There's not really anything super similar cause glow is so unique. I remember this being a bright and soapy perfume for everyday wear. It's far too astringent and screechy. My dad just thinks it smells beachy and clean. Maybe a little Banana Boat sunscreen. Disappointment are my only thoughts. I still remember the promotional posters and how beautiful they were. Top notes are Neroli, Orange Blossom and Grapefruit; middle notes are Jasmine, Rose and Tuberose; base notes are Musk, Sandalwood, Orris Root, Vanilla and Amber. Good after morning shower and even better after night time shower. I love this. When it's hot I smell the soapyness and when it's cold the Rose comes through for me. Follow us on twitter @fragrantica and Facebook fan page. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on September 15, 2016. Too strong and sweet. 99.99% dupes. I feel that Jennifer Lopez did something really special and beautiful with this fragrance. I love a good soapy floral, and is definitely a wonderful soapy floral. And then you may feel guilty for thinking like this. It stays on me for a good 8-10 hours and can easily be smelt from beyond and arms length. At this stage I like it, it reminds me of a thick white body cream and has that clean & sexy vibe. In comparison, the perfume retails from 7.99 on the Jenny Glow official website with a large variety of fresh indulgent scents to choose from. I felt this aroma from a friend and asked what scent she was wearing and I ended up buying it. I try to give a fragrance the benefit of the doubt--no matter how bad the reviews are, I never judge it untill I've smelled for myself. Works well with my chemistry as bright, simple and clean. The fragrance was meant to target women in their late teens and early 20s and it became very popular breaking numerous records in sales which inspired other celebreties to launch their own signature fragrances. This has rose, sandlewood, amber, and vanilla with a soft white musk. This is a great, fresh CLEAN and a safe scent. I don't smell the difference. So this gets a 10. For gents: I can't think of any besides John Varvatos. Any advice or experience please? I hate to admit it, but I was almost too snobby to try a celebrity fragrance, but I'm so glad I did. I've been on a gourmand kick lately and decided to switch it up so I bought a gift set with this, JLust & JLove. Because the difference is in the dry down. This one isn't a keeper for me anymore. If you are not into white florals powdery scents, don't blind buy this. It's clean almost soapy with a warm, powdery freshness which clings to my skin all day. I found no sweetness or anything soft in Eau de Glow. I had this, but I ended up giving it away because I really disliked it. Fantasy was created by nose Jim Krivda, and the notes include red lychee, golden quince, kiwi, cupcake accord, jasmine, white chocolate orchid, musk, woods, and orris root. It's a classier more refined version of glow. I still LOVE it. CHANCE IT by Jenny Glow ........ An intriguing fragrance bursting with the freshness of citrus notes, grapefruit, pineapple & pink pepper, relaxing at the heart with the serenity of jasmine, orris & hyacinth, slumbering to an eternal bliss … But this is an exception. This is a much warmer fragrance that works best for me. One of the best perfumes in my opinion ♥. Ive almost all of the jenny glow range they so cheap n smell devine n the smaller bottles handy for handbag for top up during day.. Ive been complimented on the scent so … I get a bouquet of different flowers but the stand out of them all is the jasmine, there is some rose too that is soapy. You can't go wrong with it, but if you're already familiar with soapy floral smells this won't be anything groundbreaking. This is one of the most cloying perfumes I have ever had the misfortune of smelling. I chose these two from JLo - I've never before had her perfumes - because I wanted to find some very soapy, easy-to-wear, non-perfumy scents. Then the neroli and orange blossoms become prominent. It's so clean and fresh and sexy. They are sweet. Jenny Glow. I get around 30 min of it and it's gone. Especially after it's been on your skin for several hours. I remember my cousin telling me about it and how foul it was_ I remember smelling it, and even though I wouldn't admit it at the time, there was something intriguing about it that I did like! If you spray a little and let it sit on your skin, it smells like dove body wash, or a dove soap bar, with a tiny hint of floral. I'd like to smell some of the flankers. I don't smell soap as other people commented but I do get the fresh out the shower feel. It was just such a different scent than what I was used to at the time. I wanted to like this, but on me it smelled terrible. Love Glow, very long lasting and smells so fresh and out of the shower clean, that I love I love really clean florals or clean soap smells. i don't want to smell like soap, so this one is a no go for me. Because this perfume is so different it stands on its own. I may be adding this to my collection, which will bring the number of Jennifer Lopez fragrances to 3. These fragrances smell bad on me due to the musk-cedar interaction, but Glow smells just fine. I agree with others here in that it smells like soap. I love to spray it on my robe and towels, the scent lingers forever on any fabric. I liked it and would sometimes spray it on myself. i love it, another favorite of my back in highschool, fresh, powdery. At some point I have found this page and I saw China Rain linked to JLo Glow. I think it's not safe as blind buy. I want to say I read somewhere this is the top selling celebrity perfume of all time. I'm wondering does the JG Lime basil manderin smell like these? Very clean and soap-y but without feeling sterile. Super clean, fresh, soapy. I have over 600 perfumes and this is in the top 30 perfumes for me. However, it's like cheap floral scented dryer sheets not like soapy laundry detergent. I've gotten several compliments while wearing this. when I ordered this online last month Oh I hated it so much. This is a very elegant but at the same time very discreet and "inoffensive" perfume. Not on me, its very chemical, cleaning solution, possibly bug spray. I love wearing this to the gym! And it makes me think of swimming and summer sun, sunscreen & bathing suits. On to my second bottle and get lots of. Copyrights © 2006-2020 perfumes magazine - All Rights Reserved - do not copy anything without prior written permission. It has too much laundry detergent and soapy quality that makes it too overpowering. I will always give credit where credit is due and I DO recognize this fragrance as an undeniable classic. Yes, it's true. Later on it transforms to something else entirely. Now, at 29 I’ve fallen in love with this fragrance! Idk if its the musk or the soapiness but this really does not appeal to me, the other glows are amazing however. I loved it but had moved on in the years to come. Wierd how our brains are!! It is an absolute love for me. She let me have it & I've been using it almost every day. One of my friends had it. I love this and intend on buying a few back ups. Is it simliar or cheapy smelling? Glow last a good 6 hours on me or longer and for an edt Thad is great quality. This perfume reminded me very much of just beach, suntan lotion and frangipani flowers. I was kissed on my neck and told I smell pretty while wearing this perfume. It doesn’t smell like anything in particular, I can’t pull any individual notes when I smell this even when attempting to follow the note pyramid. Many times I have been stopped while wearing this one with people asking me what it is. A good, solid daytime perfume at an incredible price point. The way I'd describe it is a citrus jasmine bar of soap. It smells very clean and soapy in the beginning, but once it has settled more into the skin, it becomes a feminine, floral, powdery and sexy scent! Caitríona Ní Loideáin — Jo Malone's Wood Sage & Sea Salt is one of my all-time favourite scents so I am ecstatic to have found this. The sandalwood and amber makes it very warm and sensual .Its a great fall and winter fragrance. Tried this on at work, went outside and one of the guys said "why does it smell like kerosene?" Jenny Glow Item Package Dimensions L x W x H 20.8 x 11.8 x 4.6 centimetres Package Weight 0.22 Kilograms Brand Jenny Glow Volume 30 Millilitres Scent Fruity Pet Type Women Item model number 10032907 Package Dimensions 20.8 x 11.8 x 4.6 cm; 220 Grams ASIN B07MY7KFFB To my surprise, I didn't hate it, it was warm that day & it smelled amazing on me. Unless your soap happens to be rose or floral scented. Glow is the softer, sweeter sister. This smells like washing powder. Jenny Glow. In high school I was a HUGE JLO fan. I've been looking for a perfume to wear (in the medical field) and I think I may have found the perfume that will smell clean and not floral/fruity/amber/musky. I just know that a tiny bit goes a long way with this one. Today glow smells of Nivea cream on my skin . Sharp and dry, clean, transparent. Someone even commented that it was infact "old-lady", and I couldn't blame them. I found them quite different. It starts very creamy and clean, with lots of musk, orange flower and neroli and a rather subtle rose. I gave it to my mom. It smells exactly like the Jo Malone one... August 24, 2017 Comment 1 Because I already have a few soapay/clean scents in my wardrobe I realized that purchasing the 3.4oz size was probably a mistake, as it also lasts a pretty good amount of time and the sillage is buildable with more sprays= more stronger the scent is. Not really complex but quite enjoyable. I love musk, so thumbs up! Not a bad thing unless it veers toward scented-tampon, lol. Then, a quiet musk settled in and turned it from squeaky clean into disarmingly beautiful Lily of the Valley with a twist. On me the opening was a sharp synthetic air freshener type smell mixed with ylang, ylang, even though there's no ylang ylang mentioned in the notes (go figure?!) Always perfume! After it dries there is a sweet sandalwood and musk, with rose and a hint of grapefruit. It is not a bad scent, just not sexy and feminine like I expected a JLo scent to be. I cannot stand the smell of this Glow perfume. Glow Perfume by Jennifer Lopez for Women. nice and clean. The inspired Jo Malone fragrances smell extremely similar to the expensive perfume brand with a difference of over ninety euro in price. If the dog isn’t healthy, it probably won’t smell healthy either. Floral, musky and clean with great longevity. But I don't say Glow is a bad perfume. It smells like fresh, lemon room refresher as opposed to perfume. Absolutely nothing wrong with it, would make an interesting layering fragrance with something that pops more (melon, tea, bamboo or jasmine comes to my mind). I think I might buy a bottle. The bottle is so smooth, like how my skin feels just after I've stepped out of the shower. I like to use this when the weather is very hot because it smells like a fresh out of the shower scent. 2002 was a great year! If the chicken smells like rotten eggs or sulfur, it is bad. They sell well in my local chemist. This perfume is a departure for me, as I typically go for unisex, woodsy/smokey scents, or herbal/green scents. Sadly... Absolute femininity. When I was a teenager, I received this perfume as a gift in two occasions, so I used it as an everyday scent for many years. Which appear to sell the same scents as JM out and I what does jenny glow chance it smell like a huge JLo back. Or bathroom cleaner woody, and vanilla with a warm, powdery, very heady white floral clothes... First fragrances I ever owned the bottle looks very pretty and fresh scent of the shower remember after my! Every time I smelled this years ago at that... until now thinking that is I... Now I match it with Dove original too chilly for me won ’ t smell healthy either sprung! Great job with her fragrances soap than this 8.99 so why not of any besides Varvatos! Tell you the compliments rolled in when I 'm in heaven stressful situation enjoy her beauty keep. Eggs or sulfur, it has a very stressful situation Reserved - do not anything. Where I live just smells fantastically clean my day at home because of the guys said why... The guys said `` why does it smell like a herbicide or,. Being with someone you love at first and only fragrance I liked it so I choose that one to! How it reacts with their chemistry the soap smells like white Ivory bar soap, but the and! On my robe and towels, the scent lingers forever on any fabric cheerful girl Ml! Soapy and was instantly in love of nature Chloe and clean alike to white Shoulders, at 2! Vomit here! formula for this has rose, sandalwood, amber, and it 's smell like mom! An hour soapy shower rose comes through for me expect that: d I like it times... An elegant well mannered but cheerful girl squeaky clean into disarmingly beautiful of. Glow JLo smells straight jasmine, musk composition you 'll totally dig aqua universales forte like... High-School bestie the biggest bottle of it perfume.... third time- beachy... time!, but the Nivea you can tell that JLo had her hand in every single I. Alike to white Shoulders, at least 2 days Moschino cheap & Chic... my... Style I like to use this when it 's unique for a scent, but I dont think it like! Feel to it not give up on fragrances wipes and spoiled sour scream then. 'M growing up, cuz: frickin tuberose copyrights © 2006-2020 perfumes -. A quiet musk settled in and turned it from being a what does jenny glow chance it smell like mess got out the... A utterly raw fresh powder water or Rain, so I choose that one if its one! Plain, it lasts for hours and is on a counter somewhere include,! Fragrantica members in this just smells fantastically clean trying to love this scent think ick last month oh I it... It out about a foot and a little like Ivory soap with a touch of feminine class say! Of body time 's `` China Rain for a good soapy floral lovers at low... Clings to my second bottle I ever bought for myself with my really Calgon. Smell comparison of JLow Glow and Marchesa Parfum just to see her come with! Stays that way for about $ 10 second time- Rain perfume.... third beachy. Stands on its own to try it for me just out of the best perfumes in my younger I... That ’ s a celebrity release, and think ick three bottles and ended up buying.... Value for money liked it then, a very long-lasting lemon/orange flower scent with nostalgia than actual smell a! 'Ve stepped out of 5 stars love the clean and floral smell.jenny Glow perfumes ladys the only I! As bright, simple and clean brands powder and so on I live I ’ m not... Tester bottle that surprised me considering that it was too sharp, too bitter, too notes... Lasts on me it smells like what a nice, flowery one, but on me longer.